Welcome to handball club V&S in Groningen!

We have teams for men women and youth players.

If you want to try out Handball, to find out if you’ll like it, you can join in on 3 practises for free, before deciding if you want to keep playing handball. So you don’t have to sign up immediately. Just let us know if you want to come to a practise via mail: vens@handbal.nl or via the contact form on our website: contact form
We will try to find the team that best fits you and let you know when you can tag along. Try to be on time so you can change your clothes before the training starts.

You will need to wear indoor running shoes, a T-shirt and shorts. You wear your own clothes at the practises, but for the matches the club provides an uniform, so you don’t have to buy it yourself.
For the first couple of practises you won’t need to buy a ball yet, but later it will be handy to have your own ball, ask your trainer wat size you need.

We train on Wednesdays and Fridays and on Sundays we play matches with other teams. These are the times we train:

Tuesday (Sporthal Groote Veen Paterswolde)

18.00-19.00  | C and B youth boys (combination teams Actief P / V & S)

Wednesday (Sporthal Lewenborg)

17.00-18.00  |  E1 and E2 youth mixed (8-10 years old) 

18.00-19.00  |  D1 youth mixed (10-12 years old) 

19.00-20.00  |  C an A youth girls (13-19 years old)

20:00-21.30  |  Women

21.00-22.30  |  Men

Friday (Sporthal Beijum)

16.00-17.00  I  F, E1 and E2 youth mixed (7-10years old)

17.00-18.00  |  D1 youth mixed (10-12 years old) 

18.00-19.00  |  C girls (13-14 years old) 
18.00-19.30     A girls (15-19 years old)

19.00-20.00  | C and B youth boys (12-17 years old)

20.00-21.30  | Women and Men   



Sporthal Lewenborg (district Lewenborg) 
Kajuit 323
9733 CX Groningen
Tel: 050-5415 365

Sporthal Beijum (district Beijum)
Amkemaheerd 293
9736 BV Groningen
Tel: 050-5417 660

Sporthal Groote Veen (Eelde)
Boomgaard 7
9761 TM Eelde

Registration form

To join V&S Groningen download the form below, fill it in and send it to us via (e)mail.

Click here to download the registration form

Mail: vens@handbal.nl

Postal address: V&S Groningen - attn. ledenadministratie - Waterland 22 - 9734 BH Groningen



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